Back to the Digital is a marketing consultancy focused on executing digital strategies for branding and marketing.

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies online, through mobile phone apps, display advertising, and an array other digital mediums.

Back to the Digital and Clearview Films have partnered together, to provide these services by creating and maximizing content creation. We do so utilizing concept creation and building digital assets that entertain, engage and interact.


In addition to being the founder and principal of Back to the Digital. Jared Wigand manages digital marketing for Yolo Rum, the award-winning company behind the world’s greatest tasting rum. In his role, Jared develops original content and digital assets designed to drive organic customer engagement. Yolo Rum is not your traditional spirits brand, its unique approach to digital marketing garnered the attention of Google in 2018. As a result, Yolo Rum is a member of Google’s Brand Accelerator Program.

Jared has deep experience in social media and has been developing differentiated social content throughout his entire career. His original videos have achieved more than 15 million views, and he is an avid YouTube content creator. Previously, Jared worked as a radio on-air producer “WIGNZ” at KS107.5, and ultimately served as the executive producer for Denver’s number one morning show on the nation’s leading Top 40 station. During his career in radio, Jared produced audio imaging, handled celebrity talent, and engaged with listeners offline and online. His background in radio has paved the way for a passion for digital marketing, content development/creation, and podcasts. 


Sean Dreeszen is a Denver based free-lance filmmaker. He specializes in on site video services that help businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs & realtors grow. With branding, product or service clarity, Market penetration and social media presence thru the power of custom videos. He is very passionate for the craft of filmmaking and he teaches all his clients that video is the most powerful tool a business can have. Sean stands out in his field as a filmmaker due to the video quality he can produce, swift and guaranteed turn-around times, and his professionalism throughout the entire process. Having experience working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, Sean has brought nothing but satisfaction and a fresh image to his commercial video production clients.