Marketing cannabis directly to the consumer using paid advertisements, violates the policy of social media networks. The workaround for these situations is having Back to the Digital create content that informs and educates your audience. Video content increases engagement with social media users and allows for maximum organic reach without the need for paid boost(s) or promotion. These are several examples of location and product videos designed to inform and entertain potential customers over the age of 18. 



There is a large audience of individuals of cannabis consumers who do not fully understand cannabis or the processes of cannabis production. Individuals who are knowledgable about marijuana, are often looking to find the best value and product for their dollar. These are examples of product videos that appeal to both sides of the coin.  



A cannabis PSA or educational video can go quite a long way. The videos can appeal and greatly influence those individuals who are unsure about marijuana, dispensaries or the industry. Let Back to the Digital create original content that highlights the business and it’s positive impact on the community and the well-being of individuals. This type of content can have a huge impact on any potential negative opinions that some may have of the business.