Back to the Digital offers a complete 360 approach using concept creation, script development, filming in-studio or on-location and posting to your social media networks. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete production process that creates unique and original digital content that entertains, engages and interacts with your audience.  


Bring your real estate content to life with fully produced “property walk-through” videos. This can be a LIVE streamed video with real-time Q&A and/or used for direct upload and posting to your digital networks. The walk-through of a property with a realtor exponentially increases the audience and reach compared to any traditional open house. 


Automotive sales have evolved significantly in the digital era. Let Back to the Digital create interactive content that highlights your sales, your  vehicles, and your dealership. Whether it’s the highlight of a specific model or a “how-to” video for branding. We can create engaging content that will increase brand awareness and sales, LIVE and/or direct upload to your digital networks 


Go beyond a single device LIVE stream with a multi-camera setup and stream to multiple networks simultaneously. This LIVE stream can be pre-produced or streamed in real-time using overlay graphics, b-roll footage, and professional audio. With the advent of 5G, the world of LIVE streaming will continue to evolve and we will help your business and brand stand out on the forefront. 



Just like a review on Amazon, a client testimonial is the most valuable digital content that you can have. It highlights your brand and the customers who have been impacted by your business. It is first-hand knowledge from real consumers, which translates into additional sales and brand recognition. Back to the Digital will control the narrative, but the story will reflect the positive experience had by your customer. 


Let Back to the Digital create the perfect FOMO video for your concert or event. FOMO or the “fear of missing out” will have people pay attention and follow your events online, and maximize your branding and marketing reach. Successful digital promotion of a concert or event, by using a before, during and after approach.


Family-friendly branding engages multiple generations with a single video post. Whether it’s appealing to the younger generation who engage heavily on social media. Or simply because it’s content created for families to interact with together. Multi-generational videos and events are truly priceless when marketing or creating brand awareness. Back to the Digital can create content that engages children and adults across multiple networks and platforms.