The Impact of Video Content Creation for Brands.

Focus Areas for Video Production

How do you improve the impact of the digital video content that you are creating? Below we discuss the areas of focus that you should identify when building video content for your brand, business or product.

  1. Establish and Identify Clear Goals. Every video post can help you identify areas of improvement and build on the concept for the next video. For example, if you set a goal to increase video engagement, set a detailed metric to establish if for example, the audience watched more than 85% of the video. Or did the video result in an increased clicks on product listing/details pages and set the percentage goal. Did 25% of the viewers watching the video use the link? When you identify your goals you can find creative opportunities for improvement.
  2. A/B Tests are Invaluable. Video posts can improve engagement but they should not replace campaigns that do not utilize video. Don’t think of it like reinventing the wheel, though. If you have had success with your brand’s key messages, you can create video content that reinforces that same message. With a baseline comparison, marketers like Back to the Digital can fully understand the success of your prior campaigns and improve upon its value using video content creation.
  3. Measuring the Effect of a Distribution Strategy. Brands can maximize the impact of videos through multiple distribution channels, including email campaigns with platforms like Mailchimp, YouTube, social media networks and website landing pages. From there, Back to the Digital and other marketers can analyze the data and identify the ROI and the effectiveness for each video platform. Why is this important? Because it identifies which channel and platform has the best reach for each target audience in order to create the most impactful video campaign and the content needed.

Increasing your Brands ROI

Businesses and brands must take advantage of video content creation as a means to manage an ever-increasing want and demand of the audience, for entertaining and engaging content. However, it is a balancing act as brands will need to manage and maintain the creation of new content while shortening the amount of time it takes to evaluate and breakdown the analytics and insight.

However, with the right strategy, analytic breakdown and tools, marketers like Back to the Digital can adapt, improve and optimize video content creation. Ultimately delivering the ROI that great video content can provide for brands, businesses and products.